Interactive Digital Business Card with Click Actions

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What is Digital Business Card?

In the era of Digitallization where everything is becoming digital you need to use the Digital Business Card. Digital Business Card is basically Clickable, interactive and Digital Business Card which you can share with  your enquiries and customers using WhatsApp, SMS, Email or any method. It is a revolutionary way of making a great first impression and winning the  client.

Most Powerful Digital Business Card Created Ever!

Below are the list of Digital Business Card Features


Click to Call


Click to WhatsApp


Click to Email


Add to Contacts


Share vCard


Unlimited Shares


Sharing App


Capture Leads


15+ Readymade Designs


Send Using WhatsApp, SMS, Email


Create/Update Anytime


Click to Location


QR Code


Add Products/Services


Social Media Links

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions that we get

Can I check the trial of Digital Business Card before subscribing?

Yes, you can CLICK HERE to take the 7 days FREE trial of our Digital Business Card services. 

What I will Get After Subscribing?

You will be able to access our web-based digital business card application throught which you can create, edit and share your Digital Business card

Will there by any renewal /recurring charges?

No, you need to pay only one time payment from the above link. There are no renewal or recurring charges

Is there any limitation on sharing Digital Business Card?

No, there is no limitation on number of shares or views of your Digital Business Card. You are free to share it with as many people as you can

Can i make the changes in my Digital Business Card Later?

Yes, you will have your account’s user id and password once your subscribe or take the FREE trial. You can login to your account and change any information on your Digital Business card as you want.

Can i reseller the Digital Business Card?

No, we provide the Digital Business Card to only end customers (business owners) and we do not allow any agency to resell it.

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