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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business?

With continously increasing use of social media it has become easy to reach your potential customers by targeting them based on their interest and demographics. This has made it easy for businesses to market their products and services at large scale and measure the actual performance of their Marketing budget.

Interest Based Targeting

Reach your customer based on their interest and activities on the internet.


Increase/Decrease your advertising budget as per your internal operations and requirement.

Measure ROI

Unlike other tradtional advertising platforms, you can measure the exact ROI from Digital Marketing.

Most Affordable Social Media Marketing Plans

Select the best plan as per your need from below

Bi-Annual Plan

6 Months Social Media Marketing
3 Campaigns/Every Month
Monthly ROI reports
Digital Marketing Consultancy

Social Media Pages Optimization
Email and Call Support

₹ 5000 p.m.

(billed Bi-annually i.e. Rs. 30000 for 6 months)

Annual Plan

12 Months Social Media Marketing
4 Campaigns/Every Month
Monthly ROI reports
Digital Marketing Consultancy

Social Media Pages Optimization
Email and Call Support

₹ 4500 p.m.

(billed annually i.e. Rs. 54000 for 12 months)

Objectives You Can Achieve Via Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing will help you in achieving below objectives

Reach More People

Engage Audience

Increase Video Views

Generate Leads/Enquiries

Promote Product/Service

Generate Online Sales

Increase App Installs

Get participants for Events

Get More Messages

Get WhatsApp Enquiries

Get More Followers

Get More Likes

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions that we get

Do you provide custom packages as per the business need?

Yes, plesase CONTACT US with your requirement and we will provide you the custom package as per your need.

What is the Ideal Budget that we should spend in Facebook or Instagram ?

As per our experience and knowledge, you should spend atleast Rs. 1000/day in your Facebook and Instagram ads to get the actual results.

What contents you require from my end?

We will need few basic details from your end such as product/service photos, description, price, business logo, contact details like phone number, WhatsApp number, Social Media Links, Email id and anything which you think should be added in social media for marketing.

Do you also provide Digital Marketing Consultancy?

Yes, we provide Digital Marketing Consulty to the business owners where we help you in choosing the platform, tools and strategies for doing digital marketing of your business

Which platforms do you use to market the products and services?

We run your paid promotions (sponsored ads) on Facebook and Instagram platforms which are widely known and used by your potential customers.

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